At Mora’s Appliance Service we care about saving you money, so we offer this service free of charge!  This is just like calling a friend or a neighbor that specializes in something that you need help with.

What is talk to the tech?

  • If you have questions about an appliance that is malfunctioning, some examples of this would be an ice maker not making ice, error code on a washer or dryer or even explaining the type of sound something is making.
    • Some of the time we can troubleshoot over the phone with our customers to avoid a trip out to your home.
  • If you are going to go out and purchase a new appliance(s) we can talk about what options you are looking for and which ones we would recommend both in make and model.
    • We do not only fix older appliances but lots of new ones too and if we can help give you some advice prior to purchasing a lemon we will do it!
  • If you have questions about a service call….. call us!
  • If you are wondering if an appliance is worth fixing.
    • If your “Old Trustee” just quit or is getting tired you may just want us to bring it back into tip top shape vs buying a newer model.  Some of those older appliances are like those old 1970’s cars, they were built to last and with a little help can be repaired to outlast some of the newer models.
  • If you have any other type of questions just give us a call.  Remember, We don’t want your business once……we want a lifetime of business.